Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

English speech

Good afternoon,
 Greetings prosperous for us all.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

On this occasion let us pray the praise and thanks giving of God Almighty. Because of the overflow of grace, the mind and the gifts he poured upon us so that we can gather here
Ladies and gentlemen
In search of knowledge, God Himself has tested his angel  that no one in this world who have knowledge, except only God itself. But the science we have is a mere meripan from God, and also what is taught to us.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dear ladies and gentlemen

In this opportunity I will discuss how the importance of an economy among schools, society or within the general students
This often becomes a conversation. Why? Because we often neglect the economy that we run in everyday life tampa aware we have considered it a trivial or something
Therefore let us build a more advanced and leading economy for a brighter future. Because in this world all things are assessed with the economy both the slightest thing shape and apparently assessed with the economy, diera globalization as now all aspects of life all have economic value.
Factors that we often find either directly or indirectly

Examples such as the means of communication in its use are assessed with the economy and in accordance with its use. So therefore the economic goal itself is a tool used to meet the needs.
With that it becomes a benchmark that must be used in running a good economy and properly according to plan and controlled, and preferably in our economy should be more thorough and resilient because all things must have a positive and negative so we must be smart in managing the economy to avoid Things we want.

So the speech that can convey may be useful, at last I rema say thank you for the time and opportunity that has been given.

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

my future business

To create jobs we learn from things that the little things which is the starting point towards failed, learning from simple things into a big one. Learn from your mistakes to success, I want to open jobs to support a decent living at a later day. A strong desire and determined would have led to good results in the future with full responsibility. I would like to open a stall with the contents of the fixtures to meet many people's lives, my effort around the open with the hopes that fruitful and guarantee life such as entrepreneurship and innovative berkreatif and produce something new, like a Beaded crafts and furniture and decoration of the room like flowers and equipment that could be useful for others as needed. Entrepreneurship and opening up employment does not have to rely with others, with our own efforts to open more freely to mengontrolkan what activities will be carried out in daily life. Should not be draining with the talent and skill that I have though it probably could be done I have others, but I want to open opportunities for anyone for the mutual opening up of course, in entrepreneurship also wants to open a food stall and sell meals like somai, one example. In the sales I would like sales rather than just the area that know the information but the world. the works that will make the world's attention as well as the model, the quality of flavor quality and comfort which I will create later

Jumat, 28 April 2017

tutorial english enkonomi

500 grams of steamed peeled test and puree
3 eggs
Salt to taste
1sdt pepper powder
250 gr bread flour
3 tablespoons milk powder
400 cc of broth
1sdt gelatin powder
Oil to taste

250 gr minced meat
85 gr worter peeled and minced
2cake finely sliced ​​celery
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1sqm of solution with 3sdm brine sufficiently
½ tsp pepper powder
¼ tsp nutmeg powder
100 cc broth
2 tbsp margarine

How to make
Skin water, gelatin, milk, salt, pepper until dissolved. Mix and then mix into the potatoes, refine it with the food processor then
Store in the closet 25 minutes or until the dough can be formed.
 ISI heat margarine, saute onion and garlic until fragrant. Put the meat, stirring until dry. Add salt pepper, nutmeg and water, Cook until boiling.
Add the worter and celery. Mash until cooked and then pour the cornstarch solution.
Stir thick and then lift and let it go
Take 2 tablespoons of skin dough
Put on plastic
Flatten and fill with 1 tablespoon batter of contents
Form a round dough and roll it into bread flour until smooth
Dip the dough into the beaten egg and roll it back into the bread
Store the dough in a sealed container to keep it hard and then fry over medium heat until cooked and drain.
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Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask An Expert



Rema: '' good afternoon Rini mother!

Rini nur Rohmah: '' good afternoon, too.

Rema: '' Sorry to disturb a mother Rini my mother this afternoon.

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Yeah it's okay

Rema: '' so my mother would ask about cooking chicken curry was like what the heck?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Cook chicken curry was very simple, first of all we have to prepare the chicken will we masakn curry and then we prepare all its spices.

Rema: '' How do I cook chicken curry chicken curry so it feels comfortable and very tempting to the palate?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' First we have to prepare chicken and purposes nay like crumbs herbs, spices consist of coconut milk, garlic / red, turmeric, ginger to eliminate the fishy smell in chickens, nutmeg, coriander, lime leaves and Masako lemongrass and chicken for sure.

Rema: '' The next process is what are we gonna do with spices?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Of all the spices that we will pound for smoothing or blending process, except that it does not like the lime leaves and lemongrass .After ready, then spice it up we fry until aroma steady produce mengiurkan tongue.

Rema: '' What is the next if all the spices together with his cock?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Then we'll enter the chicken with spices that we sauteed before, and we averaged so that its crumb flavor blends with chicken meat, within a few minutes after we pour enough coconut milk right and enter the water.

Rema: '' How long are we going to wait for the process of maturation?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' The time it takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the tenderness of the chicken, while we wait for that curry boil salt and Masako input us of course, and orange leaves.

Rema: '' Thanks mom Rini on time and opportunities as well as information of course.

Rini nur Rohmah: '' yes, equally useful hopefully good luck good luck.

Rema: '' good afternoon

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017


Because there are things that may not be owned by others such as lacBefore we start something we should have to prepare carefully beforehand .So also with a speech whose name is necessary readiness and training mature, and must master pentas.Latihan and mental readiness was very necessary, we need to also remove the fear and the need to be sure if we can, do not think about anything else focus on what we will convey in speech and to whom we deliver the speech. In the speech we must calm demeanor do not be nervous and always confident, as it also had to memorize all of what we have to get in a speech and not based on the existing text. In the speech we must calm demeanor do not be nervous and always confident, as it also had to memorize all of what we have to get in a speech and not based on the existing text.In a speech should we must know what the core issues that would be submitted, and what topics we will convey.Of a problem that we convey in a speech likelihood we rarely do by some people, only certain people menyamaikan a speech in front of people,k of confidence that could trigger and no courage to megemukan pendapan front of many orangitu also triggers.

Selasa, 28 Maret 2017



Paragraf 1 :
v  Satisfy = Memuaskan
v  Consumtion = Konsumsi
v  Satisfaction = Kepuasan
v  Resources = Sumber daya
Paragraf 2 :

v  Employed = Memperkerjakan
v  Engage = Mengikutsertakan
v  Theoretical = Teoritis
v  Analyze = Menganalisa
v  Analyst  = Analitikus
Paragraf 3 :

v  Forecast = Ramalan
v  Tax = Pajak
v  Revenues = Pendapatan
v  Particular =  Teliti
v  Firms = Perusahaan
v  French = Francis
Paragraf 4 :

v  Paychecks = Gaji
v  Risks = Risiko
v  Risk taking = Pengambilan Risiko
v  Initiative = Inisiatif
v  Percentage = Persentasi
v  Measured = Diukur
Paragraf 5 :

v  Regarded = Dianggap
v  Rather = Lebih
v  Opt = Memilih
v  Tycoons =  Konglomerat

Vocabulary Focus
Exercise 1.
1.     Check
2.     Monitor
3.     Monitor
4.     Control
5.     Control
Exercise 2.

1.     Paragraph 1 line 6. Costs = B) Expenses, Outlay
2.     Paragraph 3 line 2. Monitor = G) Place of work
3.     Paragraph 4 line 5. Flair = D) Skill, Talent, Inclination
4.     Paragraph 4 line 3. Entrepreneur = E) Employed
5.     Paragraph 3 line 1. Forecast = H) Prediction
6.     Paragraph 2 line 4. Provide = A) Supply, Equip, Outfit
7.     Paragraph 2 line 1. Job-Setting  = C) Control, Manage
8.     Liable ( Noting on Paragraph ) = F) Responsible
Exercise 3.

1.     Flair means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.     An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals.
3.     tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful. 
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased words for reference on to the consumer. 
5.     The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.  
6.     He has always been liable for his children. 
7.     The benefits or fringe benefits of the job include a car and free health insurance. 
8.     He won’t Self- employed as an economist until next year. 
9.     An individual hopingto start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial quality or talent. 
10.  Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true. 
11.  Economists are concerned with the production, distribution and comsumtion

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I can't imagine life without

Before in tell her that i want to would like to introduce myself my.
name Rema Tanjunmg Pura University student and faculty in teacher college education.
I its irritble ,annonyed ,irritated and sometimes with explosive emosionl unbridled and dakang out words bad words,actually,because the little things that make it all selfish too easy but it is beyong my awareness of myself strange .
It is thye fear ,ifeel this world the most timid it is ,my my own confused how to overcome my fears,especially the dark withoutthe right,i can  cat imagine my life it should be away from the mains i did most people who have the same natural and character of the people present,but different from me is that i have  a personality that most timid would darkness because if irun into the darkness thatwas in ,my mind that  there is a vicious  wihick included around me as well ,when knew the creature was ennobled under us humans ,but all these thoughts are lost by the excessive fear not infrequently i also i have tocry.
Handsome living their electricily was devastating for me because it is most important source of electricily after basic needs ,on the other hand also a sourse of electrical activity that can allow us to run  all activitles .Thank for reades who give time to just read.