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Rema: '' good afternoon Rini mother!

Rini nur Rohmah: '' good afternoon, too.

Rema: '' Sorry to disturb a mother Rini my mother this afternoon.

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Yeah it's okay

Rema: '' so my mother would ask about cooking chicken curry was like what the heck?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Cook chicken curry was very simple, first of all we have to prepare the chicken will we masakn curry and then we prepare all its spices.

Rema: '' How do I cook chicken curry chicken curry so it feels comfortable and very tempting to the palate?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' First we have to prepare chicken and purposes nay like crumbs herbs, spices consist of coconut milk, garlic / red, turmeric, ginger to eliminate the fishy smell in chickens, nutmeg, coriander, lime leaves and Masako lemongrass and chicken for sure.

Rema: '' The next process is what are we gonna do with spices?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Of all the spices that we will pound for smoothing or blending process, except that it does not like the lime leaves and lemongrass .After ready, then spice it up we fry until aroma steady produce mengiurkan tongue.

Rema: '' What is the next if all the spices together with his cock?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' Then we'll enter the chicken with spices that we sauteed before, and we averaged so that its crumb flavor blends with chicken meat, within a few minutes after we pour enough coconut milk right and enter the water.

Rema: '' How long are we going to wait for the process of maturation?

Rini nur Rohmah: '' The time it takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the tenderness of the chicken, while we wait for that curry boil salt and Masako input us of course, and orange leaves.

Rema: '' Thanks mom Rini on time and opportunities as well as information of course.

Rini nur Rohmah: '' yes, equally useful hopefully good luck good luck.

Rema: '' good afternoon

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017


Because there are things that may not be owned by others such as lacBefore we start something we should have to prepare carefully beforehand .So also with a speech whose name is necessary readiness and training mature, and must master pentas.Latihan and mental readiness was very necessary, we need to also remove the fear and the need to be sure if we can, do not think about anything else focus on what we will convey in speech and to whom we deliver the speech. In the speech we must calm demeanor do not be nervous and always confident, as it also had to memorize all of what we have to get in a speech and not based on the existing text. In the speech we must calm demeanor do not be nervous and always confident, as it also had to memorize all of what we have to get in a speech and not based on the existing text.In a speech should we must know what the core issues that would be submitted, and what topics we will convey.Of a problem that we convey in a speech likelihood we rarely do by some people, only certain people menyamaikan a speech in front of people,k of confidence that could trigger and no courage to megemukan pendapan front of many orangitu also triggers.

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Paragraf 1 :
v  Satisfy = Memuaskan
v  Consumtion = Konsumsi
v  Satisfaction = Kepuasan
v  Resources = Sumber daya
Paragraf 2 :

v  Employed = Memperkerjakan
v  Engage = Mengikutsertakan
v  Theoretical = Teoritis
v  Analyze = Menganalisa
v  Analyst  = Analitikus
Paragraf 3 :

v  Forecast = Ramalan
v  Tax = Pajak
v  Revenues = Pendapatan
v  Particular =  Teliti
v  Firms = Perusahaan
v  French = Francis
Paragraf 4 :

v  Paychecks = Gaji
v  Risks = Risiko
v  Risk taking = Pengambilan Risiko
v  Initiative = Inisiatif
v  Percentage = Persentasi
v  Measured = Diukur
Paragraf 5 :

v  Regarded = Dianggap
v  Rather = Lebih
v  Opt = Memilih
v  Tycoons =  Konglomerat

Vocabulary Focus
Exercise 1.
1.     Check
2.     Monitor
3.     Monitor
4.     Control
5.     Control
Exercise 2.

1.     Paragraph 1 line 6. Costs = B) Expenses, Outlay
2.     Paragraph 3 line 2. Monitor = G) Place of work
3.     Paragraph 4 line 5. Flair = D) Skill, Talent, Inclination
4.     Paragraph 4 line 3. Entrepreneur = E) Employed
5.     Paragraph 3 line 1. Forecast = H) Prediction
6.     Paragraph 2 line 4. Provide = A) Supply, Equip, Outfit
7.     Paragraph 2 line 1. Job-Setting  = C) Control, Manage
8.     Liable ( Noting on Paragraph ) = F) Responsible
Exercise 3.

1.     Flair means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.     An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals.
3.     tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful. 
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased words for reference on to the consumer. 
5.     The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.  
6.     He has always been liable for his children. 
7.     The benefits or fringe benefits of the job include a car and free health insurance. 
8.     He won’t Self- employed as an economist until next year. 
9.     An individual hopingto start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial quality or talent. 
10.  Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true. 
11.  Economists are concerned with the production, distribution and comsumtion

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I can't imagine life without

Before in tell her that i want to would like to introduce myself my.
name Rema Tanjunmg Pura University student and faculty in teacher college education.
I its irritble ,annonyed ,irritated and sometimes with explosive emosionl unbridled and dakang out words bad words,actually,because the little things that make it all selfish too easy but it is beyong my awareness of myself strange .
It is thye fear ,ifeel this world the most timid it is ,my my own confused how to overcome my fears,especially the dark withoutthe right,i can  cat imagine my life it should be away from the mains i did most people who have the same natural and character of the people present,but different from me is that i have  a personality that most timid would darkness because if irun into the darkness thatwas in ,my mind that  there is a vicious  wihick included around me as well ,when knew the creature was ennobled under us humans ,but all these thoughts are lost by the excessive fear not infrequently i also i have tocry.
Handsome living their electricily was devastating for me because it is most important source of electricily after basic needs ,on the other hand also a sourse of electrical activity that can allow us to run  all activitles .Thank for reades who give time to just read.

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

My skill

     My name is Rema ,at first i would tell myself yes once the desire i want to be the person has cuccess and  the adaquacy .In a sence i want this, it’s all just said .but all of those things basically  have to go though the hard work ,as well as to the bone  willingly tired,tired and having to drain the power and so on for  the sake of the things we want. I used most don’t like the name must follow the will of the other person ,which abviously i can’t follow .In the end i managed to make a creativity that i thought he has to drain the power of the  brain of mind but I am proud with the nesults of my creativity.
Creativity i create is to make the beads ,after i managed to create and master all shape and model.
I managed to get people to use results of my creativity the i tems i make ,such as the place of aqua ,a tissue ,a cake and flower all made from beads.
The massage usually depends on the tastes of color ,shapes and combination of all its depends on the buyer .Similary ,some of the things  bringis skiil and hobby and many others.
Thank you for the reader.

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

why i continue my study to university level

NIM                : F1032161032
CLASS           : II A
Motto life       : Honesty is the main thing
Gender            : Female
status               : University student

I chose to study at university just wants to seek knowledge, and knowledge but I want to find the identity and quantity of my inner self to the provision for my future.I initially thought that college was just making and increase the burden and a nuisance, a mindset that no finished, I chose to finish high school my intention and desire is to find financial resources and entrepreneurship .To save also can help meringnkan everything related to the problem finance, which in essence wants to help ease the burden of parents .However after some of the things and experiences that I can be in the environment of the school was changed.therefore I mempokuskan myself now keperubahan and follow the changing times, therefore I chose to go to college and continuing desire, as well as due to college is not just a requirement but a necessity that must be owned that can change the direction of my life.

Thus the introduction and experience I can from my daily life HRI, I attach to the task of accounting English. That is all and thank you